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When searching for a window repair company in Peoria, Arizona with experience and integrity, look no further than Superior Replacement Windows. For over a decade Superior Replacement Windows has been helping Peoria families and business owners keep their homes attractive, safe and energy efficient by providing window and glass services. We are a licensed and bonded contractor in Arizona and unlike other companies in Peoria, we are family owned and operated. Over the years we’ve earned a reputation for putting the customer first and doing what’s right. That’s why most of our business comes from the glowing reviews and referrals we get from our past customers. Experience the difference today and call Superior Replacement Windows for all your window and glass needs in Peoria, AZ.

Cracked or Broken Window? Our Glaziers Can Help!

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Got A Broken Window? We Can Help!

Call Superior Replacement Windows and we’ll provide a careful inspection of your windows throughout the home or office to reveal cracks, gaps, decay, and cosmetic issues. If left untreated or replaced, chips and cracks can lead to more costly repairs. Leaking windows can be inefficient and cause a rise in heating and cooling costs. Cracks may also become a safety hazard and defects can negatively impact the property’s value. After an inspection by our glass experts, we can properly assess whether the window needs to be replaced and provide a quote for a custom window to match the other windows in your home.


Window Installation & Supply Services

The frame, the glass, or both may have to be replaced. There are several materials to choose from and the best fit will depend on a number of factors. The style of the house is an important consideration. Rustic designs will call for wooden frames that blend with the overall look. More modern residential structures may be outfitted with vinyl frames which come in various colors to match the exteriors. Aluminum is also possible for those who are particular about durability but this material is not the best when it comes to insulation. Flat glass or other types could be used depending on the need and budget.

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Don’t take chances. Engage the services of an experienced window company for all your window restoration needs. This ensures you get high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Superior Replacement Windows has over 20 years of experience helping the residents of Peoria, Arizona with window repair and replacement. Call now to receive a free quotation.

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Superior Replacement Windows Calls Peoria Home

Peoria, Arizona is a city that is located in two counties, Maricopa and Yavapai. It is one of the major suburbs of Phoenix, AZ. It is not a coincidence that this desert city shares the name with the city in Illinois. In fact the first settlers to the area where from Peoria, Illinois and it is why it bears the same name. However, other than sharing a name with a city in Illinois, Peoria, AZ is a unique city possessing its own traits.

The history of the city begins with the vision and financial needs of William John Murphy. Murphy was in charge of building the Arizona Canal. He agreed to be paid in the stocks, bonds, and land held by the Arizona Canal Company. In desperate need of cash, he begins to market the land of both Glendale and Peoria in order to sell the land and the water rights for money. He built a road that ran from Phoenix to Glendale and ending in Peoria to make the towns easy to access. He also encouraged the Illinois settlers to take up in an area, in what they would later name Peoria, in order to make the land parcels look even more attractive for living and buying.

Modern-day Peoria has long been spring training grounds for professional baseball teams. It has been spring training home for both the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres. The Peoria Sports Complex is the year-round home for both the teams, serving as a player development center when it is not used for spring training.

Once viewed as more of a city geared around leisure, it has begun to cater to entrepreneurial and educational endeavors. The opening of the Challenger Space Center of Arizona, in early 2000, was a prime example of the continuing effort of Peoria to be an ever developing city geared for a diversity of residents.

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