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Residential Window & Glass Services Phoenix AZ

At Superior Replacement Windows, Arizona’s premiere glass company, we offer a complete line of residential products and services to meet your every need for your home. We deliver high quality products with cutting edge technologies and installation that will improve the look, functionality, and efficiency of your home. Combined with service that exceeds your expectations at every turn, and a guarantee to stand behind our workmanship, it’s clear that Superior Replacement Windows, where quality and service is our signature, is the only choice for your residential project.

House Window Repair & Replacement

We offer the following quality Home Window Services:

We supply the following Home Window Products:

  • Single Pane Window Glass. Single pane window glass is available in annealed, tempered and laminated glass types and various thicknesses depending on the size of the glass. Single pane glass is used in older homes in Phoenix as well as exterior doors.
  • Insulated Glass Units (IGUs). Dual pane window glass (also known as double pane) and triple pane window glass. These windows are custom fit to your window frame and are available in bronze, gray or low emissivity glass (Low E). Low E glass is one of the preferred choices in Arizona because of its ability to block UV rays.
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows. These high quality sliding windows are the most popular style window in the Phoenix area.
  • Single Hung Window (Vertical Sliding). A traditional window with counter balances to hold it in place.
  • Sliding Glass Doors. We offer many different styles of these classic entry doors perfect for patios and backyards. Sliding glass door repair is one of our specialties and includes rollers, latches, weather stripping, security locks and screen doors.
  • Picture Windows. Fixed insulated glass windows perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, etc. to help beautify the space and to let in ambient light.
  • Casement Windows. Insulated windows that utilize a crank system to open and close.
  • French Doors.   Our inserts for many different styles of French Doors can be supplied with our without internal blinds. Perfect for dining rooms, great rooms, patios, etc.

Glass Shower Door Supplier

Household Glass & Mirrors

  • Glass Tables, Tops, Shelving, and Inserts. We offer fully customizable glass for new furniture as well as replacement glass for broken or damaged furniture.
  • Mirrors. We offer fully customizable mirrors for bathrooms, bedrooms, or other installations.

Window Balance Hardware

If you have windows that are difficult to open or do not slide up and down easily, it may be time to replace the window balance hardware. A window balance is spring loaded and assists in the opening of vertically hung windows. Window balances come in a variety of styles and there are standard sizes, however, we always like to have a technician inspect the window to ensure the correct parts are ordered. Some standard sized balances are carried in stock, however, spiral balances and custom sizes typically have a 3-4 week lead time.

Sliding Window & Patio Door Rollers

Both windows and sliding glass doors have a roller and track system which allow the door to open and close with minimal effort. Over time the metal parts can wear or debris can build up in the rollers and track, preventing the door or window from operating smoothly. Both patio doors and sliding windows have a similar roller system, however, window rollers are smaller. We carry the most common sized patio door and sliding window rollers on our trucks, however, older doors and windows may have rollers that are difficult to find. We also restore track systems by installing a new steel track cap.

At Superior Replacement Windows, we know you only want the best for your home and your family. Our high quality products will enhance the look of home and make it more functional and efficient. Contact us today to receive a no cost, no obligation quote.

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