Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Door Supplier in Phoenix AZ

Superior Replacement Windows is a glass shower door supplier in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer both frameless and framed shower door solutions including replacement shower doors, custom shower doors and shower enclosures.

Our glass shower doors are made of tempered glass which is manufactured by a special heating and rapid cooling process to create tension in the center of the glass. The added tension gives tempered glass a strength 400% higher than annealed glass. The added strength and structure of the tempered glass allows the glass shower door to shatter into small crystalline pieces of glass. This makes tempered glass the preferred type of glass for homes and bathrooms. The small shards produced on impact are not as harmful as annealed glass which produces long sharp shards that can cut humans when shattered.

Glass Shower Door Replacement

Although it doesn’t happen very often, a shower door or a panel in a glass shower enclosure can spontaneously break and require a glass shower door replacement. Most frameless shower doors are made from tempered glass (also known as safety glass), which is designed to shatter into small pieces that are relatively harmless. Replacement shower doors can be purchased from a supplier like Superior Replacement Windows and installed to the original builder specifications. In most cases, a custom shower door or glass panel must be cut and installed to match the original opening dimensions and fit the overall shower enclosure. This is especially true in a frameless glass shower application to prevent large gaps between the panels.

Glass Shower Door Replacement Phoenix AZ
Shower Door Replacement & Installation

Glass Shower Door Installation

First, we need to determine if the glass shower door installation is part of a remodeling project or a replacement. In both cases, Superior Replacement Windows will provide a custom shower door to increase flexibility and the functionality of the glass. Frameless shower doors are the most popular because the design is more flexible and can be customized to fit any size shower.

Before the installation, one of our glaziers will inspect the shower and take careful measurements of the enclosure. We’ll also determine the hardware to be used and glass thickness required based on the size of the panels. Once the design process is complete, the glass shower doors are ordered and cut to size. The installation process can usually be completed in one day and our team of shower door installers will handle the entire job for you from start to finish.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors are the most aesthetically appealing enclosure because it eliminates any obstruction caused by a frame. If you’ve invested in a new bathroom remodel, a frameless enclosure can give your bathroom a more open feel and showcase the tile work or wall coverings inside the shower.

Frameless glass shower doors are typically custom made and require thicker tempered glass to gain structural support from the glass panel (in lieu of a structural frame). A single glass panel can weigh over one hundred pounds and will require more heavy duty fasteners to secure them to the wall and adjoining panels.

One of the downsides to frameless shower doors are the gaps naturally created between panels during the installation process. If the shower door isn’t cut perfectly to fit the opening in the enclosure, gaps between the panels create pathways for air and water leakage. This can be addressed during the design process and accurate measurement of the shower dimensions. Superior Replacement Windows likes to be involved as early as possible in the design of a new shower enclosure to ensure the of the fit and finish of the glass panels and hinged shower door.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors use a metal frame to provide support around the glass panels. The advantage to framed shower doors is the use of gaskets and seals around the edge to prevent the gaps found in frameless shower doors. Framed shower doors are also less expensive because the glass can be half the thickness compared to a frameless design. Lighter glass can also be easier to open and close for children and elderly users.

glass shower door supplier in Phoenix AZ
Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

Glass Tub Enclosures

Glass tub enclosures can modernize the look of the classic tub and also provide a very functional shower experience. Tub lovers also want to create a sanctuary in their bathroom and often design attractive tile or stone coverings for the areas surrounding the tub. A glass tub enclosure allows all the beauty of the wall coverings to be displayed while eliminating the need for a cheap shower curtain. Using a sliding or hinged shower door prevents water from escaping the tub when showering and allows access to the faucet. Tub enclosures can use a framed design to lessen the cost or a frameless design if you want a high-end look.

Glass tub enclosures also use tempered safety glass for doors and panels. If broken, the glass door is replaced in the same manner and should be measured and custom cut for proper fit.

Glass Shower Enclosures

For freestanding showers or showers with partial walls, a glass shower enclosure is necessary to prevent water from splashing around the bathroom. The glass paneling used to complete the enclosure is tempered and up to a half inch thick for frameless designs. The glass panels can be pre-fabricated in standard sizes, however, custom shower enclosures are more common for new installations and replacements.

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