Sliding Glass Door Repair Phoenix AZ

Sliding Glass Door Repair Phoenix AZ

We Fix Glass Sliding Doors Fast!

  • Our glass door contractor will come to your house and inspect the problem

  • We’ll order the components to repair your patio glass door

  • We perform the sliding door glass installation and ensure the quality and functionality

  • Rated the #1 sliding glass door company in Phoenix!

If you have recently experienced some problems with your arcadia glass doors and windows, can we offer a bit of advice?

Please DO NOT put off repairing your sliding patio door glass any longer.

Putting off or in some cases replacement of parts associated with your sliding patio door, could prove to be extremely problematic AND costly.

Your patio glass door provides many different uses.  For example:sliding glass door repair Phoenix

  • It creates a physical barrier to keep out pests and people
  • It acts as an added security measure to keep trespassers out
  • It gives you wider accessibility to move things in and out of the residence

As with many different household items, constant use over time can cause things to break down or pieces and parts may accidentally be damaged.

If you have a sliding glass door on rails that are already damaged or can see visible damage to the glass, frame or other parts, then you need to get it inspected by a sliding glass door contractor.

Waiting not only risks you further damage, but it could become more costly over the long run as you put it off.

To make things even worse, imagine if one of the wheels were to fail or get stuck to the point where you couldn’t move it?  Now imagine if this happened in the middle of the night when you couldn’t get someone to repair it right away.

Can you afford to leave your glass doors or windows wide open for anyone OR anything to get in?

There are several parts to your sliding glass door, and damage to one could eventually lead to further damage of the entire unit if it’s put off for too long.

Think of it like a small pinhole crack that starts in your windshield after a piece of debris kicks up in front of your moving vehicle.

If you have ever dealt with this situation, then you know where we are going with this, but if you haven’t then please take it as a word of precaution.

You see, often times a rock or other small piece of material gets kicked into the air while we drive.  Most times these flying pieces are harmless and just do a bit of cosmetic damage to our bumpers.

However, there are times when they fly up further and hit our windshields.  What results from this is a small crack.

Many brush this off feeling like it’s not that big of a deal and decide to let it go.  Over the course of time, the crack spreads and soon you have a VERY large part of your window that’s cracked and needs replacement.

This CAN be the case for your sliding glass window.

The Actual Glass

If this section of your glass sliding door is cracked or damaged, then you cannot risk leaving it as is.

In fact, not only is it cosmetically problematic, BUT it can be a safety hazard as well.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you have small children or elderly individuals in the home, can you risk having it break entirely and risk someone in your home getting injured?
  • If you have animals who are prone to running into, hitting or even nudging the window glass, can you risk it breaking and injuring your pet?
  • If you have guests or others who come over on a regular basis, are you ready for the liability should the patio door glass break and injure them?

As you can see, broken sliding window glass is not something you want to take a risk with.

If anything at all, consider the safety of others in your home when you are considering sliding glass door repair or replacement of parts.

If you have already had some damage done from day-to-day use of your sliding glass door glass, physically hitting it or even the weather causing damage, then it’s time to contact the professionals at Superior Replacement Windows.

Wheel Assembly

From time to time, wheels and rollers and the assemblies they are in can break down.  Just from use or even from pets damaging them (dogs pushing on screens or sliding doors), they can become warped and off track.

These aren’t as easy as changing the tire on a bicycle or even a car.

Did you know that there are hundreds of wheel assemblies out there for sliding glass doors and screens?

In order for you to install the right one, you’d need to take exact measurements, take a look at the mounting areas like a top mount for example, AND finally purchase the right pieces.

If you don’t know what you are doing, this could be more costly in time and finances than you can imagine.

Rails And Frames

The rails and frames that your sliding glass doors and screens sit on can be damaged as well.  The problem isn’t so much the early damage that’s done, the problem is when homeowners neglect it and continue to slide their doors on them.

In some cases the rails split and get worse, which calls in the need to repair or even replace the rail entirely.

If you are suffering from split rails and finding that your doors aren’t sliding as easily as they once did, then please don’t put it off any longer and contact us today.

Our Sliding Glass Door Installation Process

  1. Quote – We will provide you with a free, no obligation quote
  2. Measure – We do all of the measurements necessary on-site of your glass, openings and/or windows
  3. Order Parts – Once measurements are made, we will order the correct parts for your the sliding glass door repair or glass patio door replacement (if glass needs to be ordered, then we require a 50% deposit)
  4. Review – We go over the installation process with you so you fully understand what will be done
  5. Schedule – When the necessary sliding glass doors or glass patio doors arrive we will schedule a date for the actual installation
  6. Install
    1. Glass gets cut from the frame and removed
    2. Glazing beads are removed from the window and glass is taped to protect the surrounding areas during the removal process
    3. New silicone is laid and applied and the new glass is set
    4. New glazing beads are applied and vinyl is replaced
    5. Final check of product functionality is done
    6. Clean up of the job site

We NEVER consider a job complete until you are completely satisfied.

Why Choose Superior Replacement Windows?

There are three VERY big reasons why you should choose Superior Replacement Windows for your Phoenix patio glass door repair.

You see, our name accurately describes our business…

  1. We Are #1 – We have been voted the #1 glass repair company in the Phoenix area for the last ten years
  2. All Of Our Past Clients Are Satisfied– We are SO thorough that we have NEVER received a warranty or return issue for any of our window products
  3. Past Clients Say We Are The Best – We have the HIGHEST ratings possible (5 out of 5 Stars) for all of our reviews in Yelp and Google Reviews

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