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Glendale, the fifth largest city in Arizona, has a hot desert climate, and houses need good windows for proper insulation. Superior Replacement Windows is the premium company in the city for home window repair, and insulated glass units. We have window experts, who can visit your residence or place of business, assess your requirements, and provide repair, restoration, or new installation services. Inspection is done free by our professionals, and we back all our services with a warranty.

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Window Installation Experts in Glendale AZ

Superior Replacement Windows has been a reputed name for window repairs and replacement in Glendale, Arizona for many years. Our company has always relied on referrals of our satisfied clients for building the business, and now we can proudly declare this policy has paid off. Client satisfaction comes first, and therefore we make sure to provide the best quality materials and excellent workmanship, at the most affordable rates. We source the best quality insulated glass units, and our team of technicians are qualified, trained, and experienced in handling all types of window repair jobs.

We Are More Than A Glass Shop

Most windows in Glendale AZ are damaged by bad weather or the odd pebbles flung by weed trimming devices. Once the window is broken or cracked, you need a professional to assess the damage, and provide the best possible solution. Cracked windows will not only diminish the elegance and looks of your home, but also compromise the insulation your house enjoys. This will result in increased energy consumption and hefty utility bills. The most cost effective solution would be to repair or replace your damaged or weathered windows.

Trust Our Professional Glaziers

Superior Replacement Windows will send a professional glazier to visit your home, or business establishment, inspect the damage, and recommend what is best for your issue.

Whether you need a new window or need to repair a damaged one, contact Superior Replacement Windows in Glendale, AZ, for excellent window repairs and quality replacement jobs.

Glendale AZ Service Area:

Our Roots Run Deep In Glendale AZ

Glendale, AZ is a great city that was born out of the needs of one man, William John Murphy. William John Murphy was commissioned with the responsibility to build the Arizona Canal. The canal was to be 40 miles long running form Granite Reef to New River. His payment would be in the stocks, bonds, land, and water rights held by the Arizona Canal Company.  With very little actual cash, Murphy sought to sell some of the land and water rights to raise money. The result was the creation of a town called Glendale that he would eventually sell.

Murphy sought to make the previous desert land appealing with a little marketing. The Arizona Canal would now provide water to what was once a barren desert. The name Glendale was specifically chosen to help encourage the image of an oasis in the desert, making it more appealing to buy. He even encouraged settlers from Peoria, Illinois to take residence in an area to the immediate northwest of Glendale, also called Peoria. He even went as far as to build a road from Phoenix that ran through Glendale, Peoria and ending in Wickenburg, in order to make the newly hydrated land more accessible. The street was named Grand Avenue and is still a main thoroughfare used to traverse the 50 mile stretch between Phoenix.

Murphy’s planned worked as Glendale is still an oasis in a yucca filled desert. In modern times it finds itself home to two large stadiums, the Gilda River Arena and the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium is home field to the Arizona Cardinals. It has also hosted two separate Super Bowls. The Gila River Arena is the home field for the Arizona Coyotes. It is a modern city that is home to a quarter of a million people and Superior Replacement Windows. We are all glad that William John Murphy was cash poor.

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