The Bird Conservation Network claims that more than 100 million North American birds die yearly from impact after a window collision. Most occur in more secluded areas, but they can happen in residential neighbors as well, especially in the spring time when mating season is in full swing. If you have had a bird fly into your window, you may have many questions and concerns. You may be concerned about a cracked window or you may be concerned for the bird. Here are a few questions that may be swirling through your mind when a bird hits your window and the answers to these questions.

Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows?

Glass is translucent and unfortunately, a bird cannot always see that glass is glass or a window is a window. It’s even harder for the bird to tell what it is when they see the reflection of a tree in the window or another bird in the glass. They fly straight into it without ever realizing what occurred. And unfortunately, they typically fly head first right into your hard glass.

What Should You Do If a Bird Hits Your Window?

If a bird hits your window, the first thing that you should do is assess the condition of the bird. Any damage done to your window will remain, but for the bird, it may be a life or death situation.

How Do You Care for a Bird That Has Hit Your Window?

After a bird hits your window, try to locate the bird. It will likely be near the window. If the bird is sitting upright, watch it for about five minutes and see if it recovers. If the bird is simply stunned, it may need a few minutes to collect itself before it flies off. If the bird has not made any attempt to move far after several minutes, you may need to take more action.

If the bird is not moving, throw on a pair of gloves and grab a shoe box or other secure box with a lid. The box should be large enough so the bird can spread her winds. Then poke holes in the top. Line the bottom of the box with something soft, like an old sheet or towel. Place a small bowl of water in there. Lift the bird up and place him inside of it. Place the box somewhere dark and not too hot or cold. After an hour or two has passed, take the box outside and open it up. If the bird has a concussion, it should have healed by now and flown away.

If a bird is convulsing, has an obviously broken wing or does not return to the wild in a couple of hours, you will want to call a local bird or wildlife rehabilitation center.

What Should You Not Do if a Bird Hits Your Window?

If a bird hits your window, you should not leave the bird to recover on its own. Many predators will prey on the helpless bird, who is unable to fly off or fend for itself. It is also important to note that it is illegal to keep a wild bird in your possession for a prolonged period of time. As such, you should always hand it over to a rehabilitator instead of nursing it back to health yourself.

How Do You Inspect Your Window For Damage?

Once the bird is safe or secured, you will want to inspect your window for damage. You will be able to notice any signs of obvious trauma, such as cracked window or a chipped window. If either of these are present, you may need to have resin injected into the glass to keep the chip or crack from growing, or replace the window for aesthetic reasons.

You should also gently push on the window. Depending on the size of the bird, the impact could be so great that the bird could have damaged the seal holding your window in place. If the window wiggles or moves when you push on the glass, you will want to contact a window repair company like Superior Replacement Windows to examine the glass or reinforce it.

When Should Your Window Be Repaired or Replaced?

As a general rule of thumb, if you do not see any damage, your window or glass likely does not need to be repaired or replaced.

If there is damage, the size of the damage and your aesthetic preferences determine whether the window can be repaired or replaced. A chip larger than the size of a quarter should not be repaired. And a crack that cannot be hidden under a dollar bill is too large too fix. However, keep in mind that filling in the crack or chip will not cause it to go away. It will be visible. As such, if you want perfect looking windows, your only option at that point may simply be to replace them, rather than to have them repaired.

If a bird has flown into your window, the first thing to do is assess the health of the bird. If the bird is still alive, you will want to care for the bird. Once you have done all you can do for the bird, it is time to inspect your window. If your window is in need of window repair or window replacement, contact one of our glass specialists to assist you with making the needed repairs.

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