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As part of our window repair services, Superior Replacement Windows offers same day window balance replacement for windows that are stuck or having difficulty opening. We stock the most popular sash support balances and replace them within the same day based on availability of our professional window glaziers.

Also called sash support balances, window balances assist in the movement of the window up and down by using a spring to take some of the weight of the window off the person opening the window. Balances allow the window to operate smoothly and may need replacement if the window is stuck or difficult to open.

There several different types of balances designed to accommodate different styles of windows and manufacturers. Block and tackle rods, channel balances and spiral balances are the three basic types of window balances. Over time the spring can corrode, build up with debris or loose tension, making it more difficult to open the window or cause the window to get stuck and prevent opening.

Window Balance Replacement

Repairing the window by replacing the balancers is the easiest fix and can sometimes be covered by the manufacturers warranty. If you are the original owner of the home, we’ll contact the manufacturer to see the type of balancer used and, if we have them in stock, we’ll replace them immediately. It’s best to have one of our glaziers inspect the balancer and retrieve the manufacturers part number prior to ordering and installing new balances.

Window balances exist on both single hung and double hung windows where the frame slides vertically up and down to open the window. For a single hung design, the bottom frame moves up and down and the top frame is fixed. For double hung window designs, both the top and the bottom window frames slide up and down. For this reason, single hung windows have two balances and double hung windows have four balances.

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