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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether or not window seals can be repaired. Double pane windows are made as an airtight system whereby a combination of an aluminum spacer and polyurethane is sandwiched between two panes of tempered or annealed glass. Over years of temperature cycling in the Phoenix sunshine, the seal that separates the two glass panes can break down and allow air and moisture from outside to enter and cause foggy windows. When there is condensation inside windows, it is typically because of window seal failure causing a breach, which resulted in moisture between double pane windows. Window seal failure could actually cause moisture and dirt to accumulate between the panes.

With broken window seals, repair is not possible and the best bet is to take out and replace the double pane insulated glass. This foggy window repair technique involves leaving the window unit in its place and having the old glass removed and replaced.

Replacing the Insulated Glass Unit

Most double pane windows are designed so the failed glass unit can be removed and replaced, leaving all the frameworks in their place. For instance, double-hung windows have removable sashes and they are the ones where the bottom and top portions both move. Once the sashes are removed, a new glass unit can be installed. Careful measurement of the original window glass is important to ensure proper fit and longevity of the window.

Typically glass replacement is less costly than totally replacing the window because it requires fewer parts and less labor. However, replacing the glass yourself can be challenging. Glass manufacturers rarely sell to the public and partner with glaziers and window repair contractors like Troy’s Glass to validate warranties and avoid safety issues. Broken glass is extremely dangerous and without the proper tools and safety gear, it can cause bodily harm to the weekend warrior. While dual pane window glass replacement is unavoidable sometimes, below are some other non-replacement methods that could be used to resolve the issue of fogged glass.

Clean the Windows

If there is a suspected case of condensation inside the windows, make sure your first step involves cleaning them. The murkiness of the window could be caused by condensation or an accumulation of dirt, grease or cleaning products.

Defog the Windows

With window defoggers, tiny holes are bored into the IGUs, cleaning solutions are sprayed inside and the solutions are left to dry up. After which, vents are installed in the holes. Do not let the holes in the IGUs alarm you as the tiny holes are just 2 millimeters in size. Additionally, the insulated glass units were never completely air-tight originally.

Sealed windows have venting properties and sealed glass units are incapable of withstanding the forces of solar heating and ensuing cooling. Even if these exacerbating factors do not exist, experts estimate that these units naturally drop 1 percent of their gas annually. It is important to note that defogging gets rid of foggy windows but does not replace the gas between the two panes. Typically, window defogging costs between ½ and 1/3 of window replacement cost.

Get a Window Insulation Kit

You can buy this kit and install it on the inside or outside of the glass. When properly installed indoors, interior condensation could be stopped. When it is installed outdoors, there could be a drop in utility costs.

If all the suggested techniques above fail to resolve your issues with foggy windows, then the only solution left would be to replace the entire window.

Replace Entire Window

In cases where the glass cannot be replaced and it’s time for an upgrade, replacing the entire window is the way to go. After the completion of the project, you will be the proud owner of new windows that are free of fog clouding the inside of them. The main concern is the cost of getting this done, particularly when the replacement is just for a couple of windows. On a per-window basis, it typically costs more to replace just a few windows.

A complete replacement typically turns out to be a remarkable option and this is particularly true if the windows are quite old. There has been impressive advancement over the years as it relates to window technology. Therefore, having the window swapped out could also provide incredible advantages.

If taking on the task of replacing the glass is not appealing to you, there is always the option on hiring the services of an expert glazier or glass contract to do the dual pane window glass replacement on your behalf.

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